Can CBD be used for intimacy and arousal?

Can CBD be used for intimacy and arousal?

What are the benefits of your hemp oil personal lubricant?

Hemp has been used erotically in the bedroom for millennia. It’s known to increase relaxation, blood flow, and provide a deeper connection between the body and mind.

Hemp can enhance euphoria and tactile sensations optimizing the body to experience mind-blowing orgasms.

User’s CBD lube reviews:

Hemp lube reviews include:

  • Accessible orgasm
  • Elevated orgasm
  • Diminished pain
  • Heightened desire
  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Gliding lubrication
  • Relaxed muscles

Does vanilla in your hemp-based lube arouse?

Scent plays a huge role in sexual arousal. Vanilla, commonly found in perfumes, has been known to be a famous aphrodisiac and has been shown to increase sexual arousal in men by 9 percent. 

When combined with cinnamon, the warm, earthy smell brings comfort, stimulation, and sexual arousal.

Why do you put peppermint oil in CBD lube?

Peppermint oil increases blood flow while providing a cooling and tingling sensation. As blood rushes to the vagina giving access to orgasm, the cooling sensation of peppermint enhances relaxation.

What role does ginger root play in CBD intimacy oil?

Ginger is warming to the peppermints cooling providing an intense sensual experience. This contrast surfaces blood flow and increases sensation.

What effect does cardamom and cinnamon have during intimacy?

Cardamom and cinnamon, like the hemp plant, promote lubrication and are natural anti inflammatories. 

What is the purpose of Kava Kava root in CBD arousal oil?

Kava kava root promotes relaxation by enhancing sensation.  Some describe as a “tingling feeling”.

Why is organic hemp used?

Enhances arousal and blood flow.  CBD is an anti inflammatory which decreases pain and discomfort and also relieves muscle tension.

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